Speaker Recognition application using Matlab

I have exported my speaker recognition Matlab program to an executable standalone file. So I do not need to run Matlab when I run my program. Before execute the program you need to installer matlab MCR ( http://www.mathworks.com/products/compiler/mcr/ ) In addition, I have connected Arduino (micro-controller) with it to visualize the output.

In this video I want to show that how my program can be used to log in to a secured area. You will notice that I have said “Mozilla Firefox” to log in. I said that because I have entered my voice record in the database by saying those two words.

My program supports 4 commands:
1. login
2. register
3. off (Turn off the indicator LED)
4. exit (exit the program)

This program can detect your voice. It records some unique characteristics of your voice when you say a single word. So if someone else want to log in by saying “Mozilla Firefox” my program will show “Access denied”. Only I can get access by saying “Mozilla Firefox”.


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