Speaker Recognition by Matlab

Speaker recognition is a process to detect who is speaking. There are different methods to make a speaker recognition system. For example, Neutral network, Pattern recognition, HMM (Hidden Markov Model ) etc are used for speech recognition. However, I have implemented a speaker recognition process by matlab using MFCC (Mel frequency cepstral coefficients ) and DTW (Dynamic Time Warping) method. My idea was to build a voice log in system to access a server, bank volt or any kind of secure area.

If you are interested, download this code and run it. Please let me know if anything goes wrong !

Thank you.


MATLAB codes download Link :

http://bit.ly/1yuUmrj (compatible with MATLAB R2012b or earlier versions)
http://bit.ly/1FGdJjf (compatible with MATLAB R2014a)


3 thoughts on “Speaker Recognition by Matlab

  1. It is really good. You could have done it in SCILAB. Syntax and code will be shorter in SCILAB and it’s Totally Free. Wish we will get more amazing things from you

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